GI Physician Products

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MEDIVATORS provides several high-quality products ideally suited for the specific needs of Gastrointestinal Physicians and practitioners. From bowel site cleaning to disposable scopes, our suite of tools enable the most effective and efficient execution of endoscopy procedures. Simplify your GI.

Disposable Endoscopes
MEDIVATORS provides the latest in single-use GI imaging tools with the E.G. SCAN™ II Transnasal Diagnostic Esophagoscope.

Capsule Endoscopy
MEDIVATORS introduces the MiroCam® Capsule Endoscope — the new generation in advanced visualization of the GI Tract.

Endoscopy Visualization Aids
MEDIVATORS provides innovative tools to improve GI visualization with the ENDOCUFF™ Endoscopic Overtube and the JET PREP™ Endoscopic Flushing Device.