Fecal Transplant Donor Kit

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FT Donor Kit

Make fecal donations easier and more discreet for donors with the Fecal Transplant Donor Kit from MEDIVATORS. Conveniently packaged, this kit includes all the items needed to make and transport a stool sample from the donor's home. Specimen is labeled with appropriate information including name, date, time, and who donation is to be used for. This single-use kit includes protective wear and disposal bags.

Kit includes:

  • Commode specimen collection container and lid
  • Trapezoid-shaped collection unit
  • White Box
  • Specimen transport bag
  • Plastic pad
  • Bleach wipe
  • Plastic apron
  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Fecal sample ID labels
  • Red biohazard bag



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Fecal Transplant Donor Kit Product Brochure #50098-445 Rev A

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