JET PREP Endoscopic Flushing Device

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MEDIVATORS JET PREP™ Endoscopic Flushing Device MEDIVATORS Jet Prep™ MEDIVATORS Jet Prep™ JET PREP™  Endoscopic Flushing Device

Recover from poor patient bowel prep (or no prep in emergency cases) with the MEDIVATORSTM JET PREPTM Endoscopic Flushing Device. Remove stool, debris and frustration while improving colon visibility after intubation and optimizing polyp detection during extubation.

The novel JET PREP flushing Device is to be used in conjunction with a standard flexible endoscope for cleansing gastrointestinal mucosa during gastroenterological procedures, for assisting visualization during screening, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, by removing stools, debris and fluids, using irrigation and aspiration, to better prepare the mucosal wall for scope advancement  to the cecum and for polyp visualization during extubation. The JET PREP System provides an effective solution for sub-optimal or absent bowel preparation encountered by clinicians during so many colonoscopy procedures.

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Fits through the endoscope working channel

  • Enables immediate and easy cleansing due to access via the working channel
  • Requires no preload on the endoscope
  • Disconnects easily from the working channel
  • Provides simultaneous use of working channel for both aspiration and irrigation

Radial Jet Configuration

  • Large cleansing area at a single “click of a button”
  • Effective feces dismantling

3-in-1 Modes of Operation

  1. Effective irrigation - dismantles feces and debris
  2. Immediate aspiration - no need to remove device from endoscope
  3. Prevents working channel blockage via “Power Aspiration”
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