MiroCam® Capsule Endoscope

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The next generation in capsule endoscopy for advanced visualization of the GI Tract.

  • High Quality Images: The MiroCam® Capsule Endoscope captures and delivers exceptionally high quality images. With a high resolution of 320x320, advanced optics, and auto lighting control, the MiroCam Capsule Endoscope produces clear, bright images with deep visualization of the small bowel.
  • High Frame Rate: MiroCam Capsule Endoscope’s high frame rate of three images per second significantly increases the chance of finding more disease pathologies as the capsule passes through the GI Tract.
  • Long Operation Time: A key clinical concern of capsule endoscopy is an incomplete examination (i.e. failure to image the entire small bowel due to short operation time). MiroCam Capsule Endoscope’s 12 hour operation time effectively mitigates this concern, while also capturing three images per second for a thorough diagnostic review of the small bowel.
  • Field Of View: MiroCam Capsule Endoscope’s small size of 10.8 x 24.5mm has a wide 170° field of view.
  • HBC: The core technology behind the image data transmission is IntroMedic’s patented HBC (Human Body Communication) technology.

For sale in the United States only.

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